A Sampling of Scott's Dance Choreography

This page will grow as time permits. It currently just lists a few of Scott's contra dances. For Scott's English dance choreography, visit the Book page. (Some ECD choreography will be available here soon, along with more contras and the infamous Polkanella !).

Scott Higgs
A1 Neighbors balance and swing.
A2 Long lines forward & back. Ravens chain across.
B1 Ravens R hand turn once round. Partners swing.
B2 Circle ¾ to original home. Balance the ring & pass through (R shoulder) to meet next Neighbor.

An easy dance - with several fail-safe elements. This is a tried and true first dance of the evening for crowds with a wide range of levels.
Scott Higgs
Fiery Rings
A1 Balance the ring & petronella one place.
      Balance the ring, pass through up and down to meet new Neighbor.
A2 Balance the (new) ring & petronella one place.
      Balance the ring, and pass through across to a wave, Ravens in the middle.
B1 Balance the wave, Partner turn R ½, Larks turn L ½.
      Neighbors swing.
B2 Larks turn L 1½. Partners swing.

Opening ideas borrowed from Ring of Fire, a dance by Wendy Graham.
Scott Higgs
(Start in long wavy lines, R hand to Neighbor, Larks facing out, Ravens in.)

A1 As in Rory O‘More: Balance R & L and spin to your individual R.
      Balance L & R and spin L.
A2 Neighbors balance & swing.
B1 Larks turn L hand 1½. Partners swing.
B2 Pass through to a wave (across), and balance.
      In the middle, Ravens turn L just halfway, drop hands and move forward slightly (toward next neighbor). Meanwhile Larks move forward one place along the line.
      With new Neighbor, turn R ¾ to form long wavy lines, Larks facing out.

From the early 1990s—this was a pioneering dance to feature the Rory O More figure with neighbors and a (unique) zesty transition to close. A few years later, Bob Isaacs’ "United We Dance" became well-known as an accessible variation on this theme. Use "Furthermore" for dancers who are ready for a challenging and brisk B2.
Scott Higgs
Susie's Send-Off
A1 Circle L ¾ and pass through up and down. New Neighbors swing.
A2 Long lines forward & back.
      Larks turn L 1½ and give partners R hand to form a wavy line of 4.
B1 Balance the wave, Partners turn R ¾ to long waves at the sides (Larks facing in).
      Balance and Box Circulate: Larks cross to opposite line facing out, Ravens loop R to face in.
B2 Balance and Box Circulate: Ravens cross to opposite line, Larks loop R to face in. Partners swing.

Note: in B2, please encourage Ravens to spin as they cross the set (CW, as in Petronella), which makes a more satisfying entry to the swing. Background: This dance was written for Susie Lorand, when she left Princeton to move back to Ann Arbor to attend grad school.

(Updated Feb 2020)